Educator Workshops

Puppets Support Literacy-Learning Is Alive!

A workshop for elementary and preschool teachers

Teachers- get motivated, gain confidence, and learn techniques for using puppets to help support literacy in your classroom - powerful teaching and learning tools - to nurture creative thinking, to stretch the imagination, to strengthen a love of language, to motivate even the most reluctant reader, to heighten visualization, critical thinking, listening, and fluency in communication skills.!

Learn to incorporate art and play into authentic literature by using puppets for story mapping, collaboration, and comprehension.

Workshop Objectives:

  • to demonstrate how using puppetry is a valuable learning and teaching tool in the classroom to accomplish curriculum goals.
  • to provide ideas and techniques for using puppets to teach specific literacy concepts and skills in a fun and authentic way.
  • to model using puppets to create story maps and deepen character development to support literacy.
  • to provide ideas for supplies and resources to create puppet models to use in the classroom.
  • to show how puppetry can be used as a differentiation tool to support learners at all developmental levels

Jean Kuecher 281-655-5347,
M Ed Counseling and Guidance from University of Houston, TX
BS Elementary Education from Western Illinois University, IL
Jean, a former teacher and school counselor, motivates educators and librarians to bring puppets to life.

About the artist:

Puppeteer Jean Kuecher is producer of the Marionette Playhouse and has delighted audiences since age 10. With a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Masters' degree in Education: Counseling and Guidance, she brings unique expertise and insight to her craft. As a teacher she used puppetry to enhance her classroom curriculum. As a school counselor she developed weekly marionette shows on self-awareness themes. Her ability as a marionette builder, scriptwriter, costume and scene designer, and master performer combine to create presentations that entertain, educate, and stir the imagination.  Jean's puppetry training workshops for educators are motivating and fun, while sharing skills that increase literacy!


Delightful demonstrations of simple-to-make puppets to use in familiar stories  and songs will encourage participants to share puppetry with children. Many puppet ideas will be presented to enchant children: hand, rod, glove and shadow puppets and marionettes. Enjoyable and fun! Become enchanted!

Each story or song will be presented as it would be to the children, followed by an explanation of how to make and manipulate the puppets. How to use the children to help in the puppet story is discussed.

Cost - $300
Length - 1 1/2 hrs

A teacher and her puppet creation


Educators will create Fluorescent paper hand puppets and perform behind a Black  light puppet stage. Master puppeteer, Jean Kuecher, will inspire the teacher/ puppeteers to manipulate and speak for their puppets. Groups of 3 or 4 persons  will create their own original puppet show from behind a hand puppet stage.

All supplies will be provided. Educators will take their own original puppet creations back to their classrooms. Be a Puppeteer the next day for your students!

Cost - $300
Length - 1 1/2 hrs


Take home a puppet show! Make a Puppet Show in a Cup of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with the spider, sunshine and rain cloud puppets. And learn how to use them!

Cost - $300
Length - 1 1/2 hrs