Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince

The famous French fairy tale, "Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince" by Jean Kuecher's  Marionette Playhouse, will dazzle all ages with beautiful handcrafted marionettes on strings. The Good Fairy helps the Handsome Prince battle the Dragon belonging  to the Wicked Witch. Then the Prince can't remember how to wake up the Princess Sleeping Beauty, so he asks the audience! The story is followed by a revealing  demonstration of how everything works. Racoonie, the finale, thinks he is real  and all the children are stuffed people! Everyone can pet Racoonie!

Small Show
for audiences up to 200

The small stage delights smaller audiences at preschools, libraries, and birthday parties.

Cost - $280
2 performances back to back $480
Length - 45 minute

Large Show
for audiences up to 400

The large stage provides easy visibility for schools, theaters and organizations.

Cost - $550
2 performances back to back - $750
Length - 45 minutes

"Jean  Kuecher's Marionette Playhouse is the best! I book her shows throughout the  year and the kids love every performance. She knows how to engage children and they leave the show with smiles on their faces and with a new understanding and appreciation of puppetry. She is the only performer I have booked consistently throughout my time as a Children's Librarian  with Houston Public Library."

Roberto Zapata, Children's Librarian
Walter Branch