Puppet & Marionette shows for all ages

Most shows can be performed on two different sized stages.  The large stage provides easy visibility for audiences of up to 400 persons at schools, theaters and organizations. The small stage delights smaller audiences at preschools, libraries, and birthday parties.  African-American marionettes are available for all small stage programs.

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For my elementary school bookings, please go to Young Audiences of Houston at www.yahouston.org

"Jean Kuecher has been performing puppetry for our entire library system. We have hired her repeatedly because she has  delighted children throughout the county with her extraordinary talent. There is nothing more gratifying than watching a child's face light up while  watching one of Jean's puppet shows. Jean is talented and professional. We will continue to hire her again and again because we  listen to our little critics."

Lynda Edwards, Program Coordinator
Montgomery County Library  System

"Jeanís puppet shows capture the imagination of children of all ages and gets them excited about  puppetry as an art form. It is so impressive to me that there is just one woman  behind that stage making everything happen. Puppetry is a wonderful medium for storytelling and teaching new concepts to children."

Amy Willerson, Education Director, Young Audiences of Houston