Science Black Light
Puppet Show

Grades PK-5

Glowing black light puppets teach the science concepts adapted for your grade level as Fran (a puppet) tries to decide a science project to research. Energize your science curriculum with short puppet stories of: life cycle of insects: metamorphosis, larva, pupa; life cycle of plants: seedling, germination, pollination; animals: prey, predator, cooperation within the ecosystem; water cycle: solid, liquid, gas; evaporation, precipitation, condensation; energy cycle: sun, energy, photosynthesis, drought; food chain: producer, consumer, decomposer, scavenger; planets, solar system, orbit of earth and moon; dinosaurs, fossils, extinction; adaptation, ecosystem, habitat, migration, inherited traits, inherited behavior; camouflage, instinct; five senses of the human body; global warming: adapt and survive. A darkened room is wonderful!

Cost - $280
2 performances back to back - $480

Length - 45 minutes

Audience size - 200