Beautifully handcrafted marionettes perform on an elaborate stage. The spinning  wheel changes straw into gold, the Elf snares the Queen's father, and the King's horse comes to the rescue. The audience will help the Queen learn the name of  the Elf. The one-third life-size string puppets combined with beautiful scenery,  music and lighting will dazzle your imagination. Following the performance the  fascinating back stage secrets are revealed.

Small Show
for audiences up to 200

The small stage delights smaller audiences at preschools, libraries, and birthday parties.

Cost - $280
2 performances back to back $480
Length - 45 minute

Large Show
for audiences up to 400

The large stage provides easy visibility for schools, theaters and organizations.

Cost - $550
2 performances back to back - $750
Length - 45 minutes

"Jean Kuecher's puppetry is completely magical.  Our students were transfixed as her compelling characters came to life.  The magic continued as the show ended and the students got to see the stage dismantled and the "behind the scenes" workings!"

Marsha Whitmore, Elementary School Librarian