Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are tricked by Jafar in this exciting story from  "The Tale of the Arabian Nights." The Genie creates a wonderful castle, but is required to obey whoever owns the magic lamp. With marionettes flying in and out, this is a fascinating story of suspense and wishes that come true.

Small Show
for audiences up to 200

The small stage delights smaller audiences at preschools, libraries, and birthday parties.

Cost - $280
2 performances back to back $480
Length - 45 minute

Large Show
for audiences up to 400

The large stage provides easy visibility for schools, theaters and organizations.

Cost - $550
2 performances back to back - $750
Length - 45 minutes

Students at Pattison Elementary loved Jean Kuecher’s Aladdin marionette puppet show. The  special effects were awesome and they loved seeing the set and puppets 'behind  the scenes'. Thank you, Jean, for an awesome  presentation."

Donna Sparks,  Librarian, Katy ISD